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Maybe you’ve just gotten married, graduated from college, or decided that it really is time to move out of your parents’ basement. Perhaps you’ve examined your budget and come to the conclusion that buying a home will be less expensive than renting. Once you’ve made the decision to purchase a home, you’ll probably have to consider financing options.

Getting a Second Mortgage in OntarioThe average price for a home in early 2007 was just over $200,000. So unless you’re a recent lottery winner, it’s fairly unlikely that you’ll be able to pay for your home in cash. Instead, you’ll need to find a mortgage. Mortgage shopping can be even more intimidating than home shopping.

Low mortgage rates are not hard to find but they can be difficult to obtain. Mortgage brokers and banks advertise their best interest rates in order to get you to call but then they only give you those rates if you meet specific criteria such as a high credit rating, higher than average of income or assets and so forth. So how does the average person get a low mortgage rate?

At, you can rest assure that your mortgage professional has the expertise to get you the right “mortgage solution for today’s market”™. Our people provide unparalleled choice, convenience and great counsel so you can get more than just a mortgage – you get “Mortgage solution for today’s market”™.

While it may be tempting to simply pick the most convenient option, choosing the right mortgage for your situation can make all the difference in your future financial security. The mortgage market has some confusing terminology, but this guide will help explain the various mortgage choices available, so you can get the right one for you.

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